Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Tips For Effective Communication by Michael Kazouris

Michael Kazouris is a process server and a private investigator residing in Tarpon Springs in Florida. He believes that effective communication is an essential aspect in his field but this important aspect tends to get overlooked sometimes. Not only that, but the skill of effective communication should be mastered by everyone in order to get the answers you want. Here are a few tips that he shares from his vast experience:

Focus on the body language

Make sure you are not sending any unintended or wrong signals through your body language. Avoid defensive body language and try to make eye contact while talking. Also, never underestimate the value of a good posture.

Sense of humor

Humor can be used to ease any situation and to create a friendly environment but try to use appropriate humor according to a particular situation. People are drawn to those who can make them laugh.

Do not complain

If you are found to be constantly whining or complaining, people may try to avoid you. If something does not go as planned, try to stay calm and do not take any action immediately. Try to complain as less as you can and even if you do it, do so calmly.

Be positive

People who are frequently miserable, tend to send negative vibes and others may try to avoid such people. Try to have a positive attitude and learn from mistakes. If you want people to respond to you more positively, try to smile more often.

MichaelKazouris believes that by following these tips, you can break the barriers towards effective communication.

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