Thursday, 29 December 2016

Leadership tips by Michael Kazouris

Michael Kazouris is a private investigator and a process server residing in Tarpon Springs, Florida. He has an experience of successfully managing teams in his long career and here he shares some basic and important tips from his experience to help people become better leaders:

Open communication
You should encourage open communication between yourself and the members of the team you are leading and be sure to express yourself more clearly and give your members the freedom to express themselves openly. Open communication between a leader and team members generates trust within the members.

Set a goal
Make a game plan or set a common goal or an objective for the team to follow. This will make the members aware of the common objective and they will try their best to perform better in order to accomplish the said goal.

Create boundaries
Be aware of your limits and make boundaries which will save your team members from a lot of confusion and disappointments in the future. Try not to underestimate or overestimate your abilities.

Work on an emotional level
You cannot keep emotions away from the workplace as they are an integral part of any communication taking place. Be emotionally aware of the needs of the people working for you. And while making decisions, do not forget to use your heart.

There is always room for improvement

Michael Kazouris insists that great leaders never stop learning and accept that even they can make mistakes, as they are only human. Allow feedback from your team members to correct yourself whenever you may go wrong, as there is always room for improvement.

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