Monday, 26 December 2016

Michael Kazouris: five tips for professional growth and development

Michael Kazouris is a process server and a private investigator living in Tarpon Springs, Florida. He is a dedicated and a hardworking professional. He even received an Officer Of The Year award in 2005. 
Here he shares some tips for professional growth and development:

Having a positive attitude
In order to be liked by your employer and colleagues, you must demonstrate a positive attitude all the time. Having a positive, can-do attitude gets you recommendations and your employee may consider you as an asset to the organization.

Punctuality is an important aspect of career growth. One should learn to manage time and be punctual in all matters. Giving timely deliveries, reaching meetings on time, etc., are just some of the few areas where a professional should practice punctuality.

Personal development
Personal growth or development plays an essential role in one’s professional life. It is important to consider growing on a personal level by adding new skills to your portfolio or arsenal by completing your education and staying up-to-date with the current market trends of your industry.   This plays a huge role in an individual's success.

Taking additional responsibilities
Doing something extra or taking additional responsibilities, or agreeing to do something that others show a reluctance to, will definitely get you noticed in a good way by your employer.

Expanding your network

Michael Kazouris stresses on the importance of network expansion, which is necessary these days in order to reach out to people in your niche. This can be done by many ways but one common way to do this is by creating a LinkedIn profile.

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