Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Michael Kazouris- tips for keeping stress under control

Michael Kazouris is a private investigator in Florida. He reveals how his job can be one of the most stressful jobs sometimes, but he has learned to deal with it and here are some of his tips for reducing stress:

Learning healthy ways to cope with it

Stress can be unhealthy and sometimes people come up with even more unhealthy habits to cope with stress, like smoking, procrastinating, drinking, using drugs, eating pills etc. If you have an unhealthy way of coping with your stress, then you should try to change your ways. Find healthier alternatives instead, that help you feel calm and in control.

Regular exercise

Exercise has numerous benefits but one of the most important benefits is its role in reducing or preventing stress. Exercising releases endorphins that make you feel good. Make a habit to exercise regularly, even quick workouts matter.

Learn to say no

Sometimes one tends to overestimate his or her limits, which in turn can cause them undue stress. Identify your limits and do not take more than you can handle. Most importantly, learn to say no. You cannot and should not try to please everyone as it is an impossible task and can cause unnecessary stress.

Avoid negative people

People with negative vibes tend to create stressful environments more frequently. Avoid people who cause you stress consistently or stop seeing them altogether.

Accept the things that cannot be changed

Michael Kazouris emphasizes that sometimes there are things that you cannot change and accepting them the way they are can help reduce your stress levels to a great extent, instead of making fruitless attempts of trying to change them.

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