Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Michael Kazouris suggest as how to select a worthy private investigator or a security officer

To ensure flawless safety or to investigate mysterious cases, an individual or an organization may require hiring a private investigator or a security officer at any given time. Michael Kazouris, one of the most eminent security experts and a private investigator, guides you as to approach the selection of the professional.

Are you hiring an experienced security officer of a private investigator?

In Michael’s opinion, clients should always hire the experienced investigators and safety officers. Just like any other services or job, experience enhances professional competence and makes the professional more matured. An experienced professional in this regard will stay completely conversant on all the threats and hence, they can perform their functions in flawless perfection.

Do the professional holds adequate knowledge of the law?

The job of a private investigator or a security officer is to enforce the provision of law. Hence, you require hiring a professional who holds adequate knowledge of the prevailing legal codes.

What about the professional track record and achievements of the professional?

“The professional achievements and track record is an important aspect of consideration while hiring a private investigator or a security expert. Approaching the search this way, you can ensure that you are hiring a worthy and reliable professional and it will stand assured that your purpose for hiring the professional will get accomplished”, stated Michael.

Likewise, it is equally important to consider the reputation of the professionals, before hiring their services. In the opinion of MichaelKazouris, you must approach the selection process, keeping in mind the points stated above.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Professional advice to the aspiring private investigators from Michael Kazouris

Considered a pioneer among the private investigators and the security specialists serving Tarpon Springs, Michael Kazouris never missed the chance to guide and coach the emerging professionals. The paragraphs underneath will uphold the advice that this master has for his new counterparts.

A professional private investigator should have sound knowledge on laws and ethics

In the opinion of Michael, the first and foremost professional requirement is that for solid knowledge of the prevailing laws and the ethical standards. Unless the emerging professionals are knowledgeable on the legal codes, it is impossible to solve the cases. In addition, a private investigator or a security specialist requires complying with various laws. Hence, unless one hold complete knowledge in this regard, it will turn impossible to perform the professional responsibilities. Likewise, a professional in this regard needs to adopt the highest professional and social ethics.

Stress management ability is an important factor for success as an investigator

“Our job involves excessive mental stress and significant physical labor. These add to load up an unbearable amount of stress on professionals in this profession. If a security expert or a private investigator desires to taste success, he/she needs to have a superlative stress management capacity”, states Michael.  Development of stress management and self-motivation is absolutely a must for the aspiring professional investigators and the security personnel, should they desire to achieve professional success.

You need to be a wonderful team player

Michael Kazouris explains that the role of a private investigator or the security office involves collaboration with various parties. If such professionals have to get the job done, he/she would require collaborating with various parties. Hence, the aspiring professionals need to be a team player and should possess excellent coordination and interpersonal skill.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

A Few Of The Awards and Reorganizations That Michael Kazouris Has Earned Till Date

Michael Kazouris has earned various prestigious awards and reorganization all through in his long career. It includes the facilitations from the organizations he had served as well as rewards from the top enforcement offices. The paragraphs underneath will pinpoint on a few of his major achievements in this regard.

Michael bagged the public safety officer of the year for 2005

Michael was serving in the capacity of a law enforcement officer between the years 1997 and 2009. In the course of this association, he bagged the Public Health officer of the year for 2005. This is a major achievement because the job responsibility in this profile is massive and extensive. Getting such a prestigious award in a similar position definitely, upholds his superlative skill and expertise. “Being honest, my professional career got a massive boost once I earned the officer of the year award in 2005”, recalls Michael.

Michael was crowned with an award from the office of the International Narcotics Enforcement in 2001

The year 2001 will be an ever memorable year in his career as he earned an important award from the office of the International Narcotics Enforcement. This award gets awarded to those who play a worthy role in controlling narcotics. Hence, it establishes that he had made a significant contribution to check the narcotics addiction. Therefore, you can say that the same award was to identify the role he played in securing the nation and its people.

In addition to the award mentioned above, Michael Kazouris has been consistent in earning rewards and recognition from the companies that he has and had served till date. Putting superlative performance, he has secured his position as a key member of the organization that he is presently serving.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Tips For Effective Communication by Michael Kazouris

Michael Kazouris is a process server and a private investigator residing in Tarpon Springs in Florida. He believes that effective communication is an essential aspect in his field but this important aspect tends to get overlooked sometimes. Not only that, but the skill of effective communication should be mastered by everyone in order to get the answers you want. Here are a few tips that he shares from his vast experience:

Focus on the body language

Make sure you are not sending any unintended or wrong signals through your body language. Avoid defensive body language and try to make eye contact while talking. Also, never underestimate the value of a good posture.

Sense of humor

Humor can be used to ease any situation and to create a friendly environment but try to use appropriate humor according to a particular situation. People are drawn to those who can make them laugh.

Do not complain

If you are found to be constantly whining or complaining, people may try to avoid you. If something does not go as planned, try to stay calm and do not take any action immediately. Try to complain as less as you can and even if you do it, do so calmly.

Be positive

People who are frequently miserable, tend to send negative vibes and others may try to avoid such people. Try to have a positive attitude and learn from mistakes. If you want people to respond to you more positively, try to smile more often.

MichaelKazouris believes that by following these tips, you can break the barriers towards effective communication.